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They recently published an article describing methods for converting VGA to HDMI. This is important because you may face situations in which you may need to change your display technologies. 

VGA To HDMI Conversion

This article will help you to get a better understanding of VGA to HDMI conversion, the most effective way to connect, the way to use the pieces of equipment, and the most economical ways to use it.

Converting From VGA To HDMI

First of all, you have to understand the meaning of the terms. The full form of VGA is “Video Graphic Array”. And HDMI is “High-Definition Multimedia Interface”. VGA has been considered as the lowest graphics setting of a computer last year.

Nowadays, it is common for the interface to transmit in video and audio signals with sources compatible with HDMI.

There is two primary differences between VGA and HDMI. VGA is analog and the format of HDMI is digital. Secondly, only the transmission of video is done by VGA, but HDMI can transmit both video and audio.

Because of these differences, a cable will be needed while connecting a VGA device to an HDMI device. You will also need an adapter for making the conversion to take place smoothly. 

You might be thinking that these adapters are quite expensive. Well, you are wrong. These adapters are cheap and you can get one for about 20$. Moreover, these are also very compact. 

The device which have VGA interface provides lower resolution videos than the latest HD devices. Hence, the PCs having a VGA interface will have to make do with the lesser resolution because of the limitation of their video cards. 

Can The Conversion Carry The Sound As Well?

For carrying sound, you need to use a separate cable. This cable will act as a channel for the audio. You will usually find the standard 3.5 mm audio port on a TV set or PC. Sometimes you will also find an HDMI port on some of the TV sets. This is given so that you are able to connect your computer, which uses a VGA or DVI video format, and play the contents on your TV. 

You are in luck if you have this setup. Then you will only be needing a 3.5mm cable for the audio. No other conversion equipment is needed. 

Ocassionally, you will find an input for the audio in some devices. These inputs are known as RCA connectors. They are also known as “component audio connectors”. But, for a normal person, they can recognize it as the port having white, yellow and red color on a TV set.   

Among these ports, the yellow port is used for transmitting video. While the red and the white RCA ports are used for transmitting audio signals. 

If your monitor requires an RCA, the white and the red ones, for the audio, you can purchase a 3.5mm affordable audio port to the converter of the RCA device.

The Converter: VGA to HDMI

For VGA to HDMI conversion to happen, a lot of simultaneous actions must take place. These actions are the connecting of the two interfaces. To make the process smooth, it’s important to use a converter for the transmission of the VGA signal. This converter will help to convert the analog signal of the VGA to convert into digital transmission. The audio will also get converted along with it. 

This converted signal will be then transmitted through the HDMI cable, which is connected to your monitor having the HDMI connector. This signal is then read by the monitors, and the video is played on it along with the video. 

The Audio Support For The VGA-Output to HDMI

Since the audio is converted by the converter, you will be needing extra support. This extra support will be given by the audio adapter. There are various options for the converters which will be suited to the need of your laptop, PC, or TV.

These converters are affordable and work well with older devices. However, you have to be careful and should always check their compatibility with your device.

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Connecting The VGA-Output to HDMI

Now, let us see the process of connecting the VGA interface to a monitor with the help of an HDMI device. 

1. Connect a VGA output with an HDMI converter.

2. Then, connect your computer with the VGA cable.

3. Now, make the connection between the converter box and the HDMI output. 

4. Next, you have to connect  your monitor, or TV with the HDMI cable from the other end of it.

5. When you turn on the devices, you will be able to see the display of your computer on your TV set.

HDMI Cable From VGA Output

The first object needed for the process of conversion is the converter cable. This procedure for the conversion of VGA to HDMI, the converter is needed to stay active rather than a passive device. 

This indicates that one of the components will provide a passive connection when there is no change in the directions. 

In the case of the HDMI cable from VGA output, this kind of converter will be unable to make the connection between the HDMI system and the VGA one. This is due to the fact that the HDMI receives the digital signal and the VGA receives analog signal. 

The cable will only establish a passive connection. This will be of no use. For that reason, a converter is needed to perform the actual conversion.

By using an adapter along with the cable, you will be able to the desired conversion.

Connecting A VGA Output To An HDMI Adapter

Another way of connecting your computer device to a TV set or a monitor with the HDMI port present in them is with the help of an adapter. 

You will need an HDMI cable for connecting the VGA output to the adapter of the HDMI in the HD device. Similarly, if your computer is using a DVI output, then you will need a DVI to HDMI cable. 


I hope that you got a good idea about how you can do the VGA to HDMI conversion. You can now play the videos from any of your VGA computer device on your HD devices. This is a very handy process and you may require to do it in any place. These steps will help you in a hassle-free conversion from VGA to HDMI format.