One of my favorite time wasters on my iPhone is LightBike, the Tron inspired arcade game.  Recently, a few updates were added that give it a more polished look and a much-needed option.

The graphics are the same, but with one tiny twist.  Every turn, the camera sort of zooms out and angles, then back in.  It definitely gives the impression of speed and urgency that a game where you try to box opponents in needs to have.  There’s also an added pause button.  This is simple, but was overlooked, and makes a big deal when you need to look away for a second for whatever has just distracted you.  The icon also got updated, I think, for the worse.  Not that it’s bad now, I just get used to looking for a specific image, and now I’m thrown off again.

The FREE version (that I play) is first to 3 wins against 3 computer opponents.  The full version has risen to $2.99 and features local multiplayer via split-screen, and 2-4 players via the same wifi network.  It also has difficulty settings, the ability to choose your color, and BGM/SFX volume controls.  If you really need the multiplayer, it’s not a bad deal for three bucks.