Over the years digital marketing has changed many of its shapes and now it is 2019. Building brand awareness and interaction with customers has become one of the most famous trends in the business world.

In recent days the meaning of marketing is changed and personalized. Customers enjoy a personalized experience of whatever business they are getting into. 

As of the trend record of 2018, business marketers used voice search and live videos to interact with the customers. But this is a new year, once again the customer’s expectations are raised. Every year the marketing scenario changes as the customer demand and desires change too. 

People love to go with the trend and that what business is all about today. Catching up the trend. 

So today in this topic we will be such 11 trends that will shape the concept of marketing in the year 2019. I think all of my readers already know what marketing is and how it works. Therefore without wasting any more time lets start right away.

1) Role of AI in business marketing

In the world of business marketing, Artificial Intelligence plays a great role. Like all the other industries AI has also made a deep impact on marketing. 

With the introduction of AI, now companies can interact more with their consumers through several social media platforms and through other platforms too.

As I mentioned before the customers are now expecting personalized communication from different marketing companies around the globe.

One of the most common practices of AI in the marketing department is chatbots. Chatbots uses natural language processing software that makes it easier for the customer to talk directly with the company about their problems. 

2)  SEO A/B Split Testing

Like all split testing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) A/B split testing allows the user to isolate the variables that are responsible for increasing traffic.

Splitting allows you to take a targeted approach towards changed content.  The SEO A/B split testing gets the most out of an SEO and provides you the variables which ultimately matter the most.

3) Interactive Video Content

One of the main sections of digital marketing is dominated by video marketing. You can now see many videos on social media platforms which consist of brand and product marketing.

But this is 2019, the meaning of marketing has changed a lot. Now videos can interact with the viewers. Thanks to the concept of 360 videos which made all this possible.

Interactive videos can be used for all types of platforms like emails, websites, social media, and blogs. But why this concept became a trend?

It is evident that people pay more attention to interactive videos than regular videos. A study shows that 98% of people in the United States prefer a 360-degree video over traditional videos.

4) The importance of content marketing

Content Marketing always holds a strong impact on a digital marketing platform because of brand exposure and generation of backlinks. Good quality content can attract and influence many people in the world. 

Content can be of many types like blogs, solution-oriented content, service pages and many more. If you provide quality content then it can influence a lot of people.

5) Personalization

We are living in an era of personalization. And personalization is a very effective way of marketing. By personalization it means personalization of content, products, emails and many more.

Personalization marketing can be done easily by collecting data about your targeted consumers. Information like purchase history, buying pattern and customer behavior can help you to deliver more personalized strategies to meet customer satisfaction.

6) Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a type of word-of-mouth marketing. This technique of marketing uses famous personalities or leaders to drive your brand name to a larger market. 

Influencers and leaders can be Instagram or Youtube personalities with a huge number of loyal  followers. Most of the time influencer marketing is authentic and runs on the trust of the recommendation of the customers. 

In recent years AI has also played a great role in the field of influencer marketing. AI can help the marketer to find the right influencer to get accurate and faster results. AIs can filter the potential influencers with better followers and engagement.

7) Social Messaging Apps

Yes! That is true. Social Messaging Apps are not only for chatting with your loved ones, but it can also be used for marketing purposes too. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look.

  • There are over 1.3 billion monthly active users on only Facebook Messenger.
  • Over 10 billion messages are sent every month from Facebook Messenger.
  • WhatsApp has a list of 1.6 billion active users.

These stats define that people spend too much time on the internet to chat with their peers. Now you can use this opportunity to increase your marketing demands. 

Using messaging apps for directly interacting with the customer can increase the trust between the provider and the consumer. This concept excludes all the third parties or middle man and will help to create a smooth and swift business.

8) Transparency is the best policy

With the introduction of advanced technology, we have lost humanity somewhere in between.  

Communication is the key attribute of any kind of business. But sadly, we are forgetting this fact and as a result, we (the providers) are becoming less transparent to our customers.    

Basically, different brands or companies are groups of people who are trying to make a sale of their product by communicating with their customers. 

That is why this year in 2019, I expect that every brand will be transparent enough to gain the trust of their valuable customers so that they can make a sale like never before.

In the End 

This blog discusses 8 trends that will shape the structure of marketing in the year 2019. Each and every trend is well explained and is relatable enough.

Each year, every company dreams of having a smooth marketing procedure as per to make the most out of their products. Though technology has spread its branches across every part of marketing, still we should not forget that after all we all are humans and we are doing everything for mankind.