Search Engine optimization has evolved a lot since its use in the early 21st century. And today you know how large SEO actually is in terms of its business aspects and efficient measures. SEO expert team working over the world are still in need of tools that are productive and efficient for professional use.

New tools are in development for better SEO productivity and with the increasing cost of SEO tools, marketers are left with fewer free tools to choose from. With the right SEO tools, you can completely boost up your team’s productivity by eliminating all the issues.

The SEO scores of an individual website depend on many important factors and it encompasses factors such as on-page elements and optimization, inbound and outbound linking, content strategizing and social relevance. And to analyze and find out a result you need to have the best and efficient tools.

So among all the technical and no-technical tools, we have jotted down a few names that could really energize up your SEO team and churn out productive measures to help rank a website.

Just keep your eyes on the article to know more about the best and productive tools

Top 6 Productive Tool for your SEO team

These tools and extensions can help organize and regulate your SEO projects and provide genuine advancement in terms of productivity. From your social media manager to content strategist, from data analyst to SEO manager every tool you need is here. You just need to select it wisely according to your work preferences.

# 1 WebCEO: Monitor SEO and manage clients

It is a dynamic tool full of potential and it offers an advanced analytics suite to analyze and monitor the SEO metrics of a website, apart from this WebCEO is also used for managing clients more effectively.

It can handle and analyze over 15 + metrics and some of them are Keyword metrics, backlink auditing, social monitoring, competitor research, SEO auditing, project monitoring and so on. 

WebCEO is cost-friendly and effective client management and analytics tool for a professional SEO team and will be best for small and medium-size SEO agencies.

You can integrate WebCEO with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Majestic, and many other useful softwares. It supports automotive lead generation and project outreachs.

# 2 G Suite By Google Cloud

G Suite by Google Cloud is a productive tool for communication and collaberation under one roof. It is a very cost-friendly tool that starts from $5 per user and is scalable for small-term and big agencies. Many of its features are free to use and it helps you manage SEO projects and services accross different carriers and multiple teams.

It is an ideal option for SEO teams and freelance workers working remotely. This tool can be used for merging sheets, docs, calendars, emails and store it al in the cloud for future purposes. Google is among the most comprehensive tool and offers more security compared to other tools.

G-suite is quite flexible and can harness several useful SEO activities lining up with content creation, publitions, communicating with clients, sharing documents and many more. 

# 2 Screaming Frog

One of the most effective spider tool available. This software is used for crawling through web pages and gathers the key on-page elements like images, links, applications and provides you with the information in a categorical and organized way in form of an excel table.

Screaming Frog is inclusive software that has both free and premium version for use. It often helps in finding duplicate links, 301 redirects which are unusable. Apart from the generic uses, it will allow us to make an advanced technical SEO on-page audit.

# 3 SEOQuake

SEOQuake is a free extension that can help you with many factors that are important for your SEO team. With just one click it will provide you the result on organic search data and research data.

It is great analytics tool which shows you crucial facts about your website like the volume of links that are received from Bing and SEM rush, it shows you page rank in Google search engine, provides you with exact keyword density in the content of a page and when it was made live.

You can use internal-external linking reports and can explore it’s “diagnose” option for a deeper analysis of a website.

# 4 Content Insight

This perfect content analysis tool allows you to make a comprehensive summary of existing content and their metrics data. CAT (content insight tool) was made with a purpose to create usable and automated content inventories.

Content Insight is designed with an easy-to-use dashboard and moreover, it allows administrators and users to monitor and manage multiple content inventory projects fast. The analytics data gathered from content and pages will give you an inventory to draw on for content curation and redirection.

# 5 Wrike

Wrike is a very compact tool for project managers as it is a hard job. It will let you plan and organize the online marketing campaigns in real-time. It is designed to track and monitor work in progress in real-time and manage all the incoming requests.

Wrike helps you in asset creation, conversations and decision making. It even uses tools for adding documents, editing and record the changes.

# 6 Google Keyword Planner

This is, of course, the quintessential SEO tool that provides you with actionable search results and a great insight to plan and manage your keywords. The keyword planner is a part of the Google Adwords advertising platform 

The Google keyword planner is designed to research and analyze a list of keywords and also find long-tail keywords having the least amount of competition and high search volume. You can also use this for pay-per-click campaigns.

Wrapping Things Up

I hope you have benefited from the article on Productivity Tools that Every SEO Team Must Use. We have researched and then come up with the above-suggested tools and they are the best in the market for any SEO agencies, be it big, medium or small scale. 

Each and every tool have a different purpose and few have features that are outstanding. These tools can provide a great insight into SEO and how to do it better.