The POCO F2 Pro is remodified and launched in the international market. The MIUI was based on Android 10 but now the company came up with the beta version of Android 11. As a result, the user-interface is now upgraded and delivering MIUI 12 stable updates to all the people. 

Users of POCO F2 will not face the old interface. Experts say that the update process is easy and non-troublesome. In addition to that, it also downloads quickly and installs within a few minutes. With this everyone can get a brief idea about the power and smoothness of the user-interface. 

The MIUI Builds

There are generally five varieties of MIUI builds China, Global, EEA, Indonesia, and Russia. The former Redmi K30 Pro is based on China. The EEA group MIUI is based on Europe. As people are getting new updates for their devices, the MIUI is now stable and working perfectly fine. 

Recent Updates 

In the previous month, the Redmi K30 Pro smartphone got the user interface’s latest update. The build number was It is the first update to the smartphone. Now, all the users are getting the MIUI build of   

The User Interface Builds

As people know that there are 5 types of builds, so the POCO F2 Pro is getting the Global build version of The EEA build version is V12.0.1.0.QJKEUXM. The Indonesian build version is V12.0.1.0 QJKIDXM and the Russian is V12.0.1.0.QJKRUXM. As the Redmi K30 Pro is interrelated with the POCO F2, thus, it also has China user-interface build of V12.0.1.0.QJKRUXM.

The builds are coming out in the form of batches. As a result, if any user hasn’t yet received the update, then they must not panic. Being in batch format, it takes a bit of time to reach each and every unit. The process is comparatively slow but it is genuine in nature.