Search Engine Optimization is vast and mastering it will definitely take time. Most of the business online needs SEO strategies to flourish and soar up their website which ultimately results in a massive conversion.

Google algorithm changes often and staying up to date with the best and useful strategies are very important in 2019. If you are running a digital marketing firm, or if you are an SEO freelancer or working for some company as an SEO specialist or marketer you must have an SEO strategy to improve your site and ranking so that you can draw double traffic.

Let’s not waste time and start about how these top SEO marketing strategies could help you out in the following year and even later. We have compiled a few top strategy to which have been gathered from several sites, case studies, and statistics. You can make millions if you follow these strategies.

5 Best SEO Marketing Strategies to gain double traffic

All of the strategies that you will go through have been recommended by Senior SEO and Experts all over the world in their blogs, videos, and websites. 

1. Competitive Keyword Research and Finding Keywords

Many SEO’s out there find it less easy to make competitive keyword research but to be honest it is can be done simply. Just separate the Keywords that have already been targeted and Keywords that you haven’t target yet. This makes the job easy.

You need a get a handy keyword research tool to find keywords with good search volume and based on that where is your ranking. Google lists you as relevant based on these keywords. Optimizing the existing pages can increase your rank faster than going for a totally new keyword.

You need to know which keywords you are not targeting yet and for that, you could go for a competitive gap analysis. Find out your competitor website using both direct(using the same product as you) and indirect ( having the same audience but not the same products) competitors. Once you take out a list of all your competitors, create a list of keywords they are ranking for and eliminate the keywords you rank for.

You will definitely get a big list of keywords by which you can target more audience and create quality content based on those. These are valuable keywords but either you have to optimize your previous content or create new contents for the list of keywords you found.

2. Google’s Mobile-First Index optimization

You might have heard that Google has recently rolled out its Mobile-First-Index which basically states that Google first scans the mobile version of your site ignoring the desktop versions a little.

Get a free tool form or use Google’s The Mobile-Friendly Test to find out if your site is optimized for mobile and if yes, how well it is optimized and after the analysis it will come up with a recommendation on what criteria to improve to make your site better.

Mobile optimization is important because 52.2 % of web searches were done via mobile devices and according to another current report more than 1.6 billion people shops online using their mobile phones accross the world.

User experience has become very important since it is one of the factors that contribute to the traffic you get and ultimately we are all doing it to provide a satisfactory experience for the users.

3. Create Information rich-content

You have heard of the Phrase ”CONTENT IS KING” and it is 100 % true if you can come up with useful and informative content. Check out the criteria by which you can cook a relevant and unique content and get traffic to your website for free.

  • Purpose of the content – Content can take various shapes depending on the purpose and intent. Let’s suppose if we take a Tech update it will not take more than 800 words but if you go for fully informative content like How to double your conversion rates in 2019-2020, then it may take more than 1500 or 2000 words or even more, depending on the information you provide.
  • Create content based on audience – First, find out what your audience wants from you. If you have a tech-related odience then they have less time and they won’t need to go through several pages to get the idea of strategy.
  • In-depth content – Depth of the content is purely based on what kind of audience you hold. Content can be precise and subjective as well as long and informative and there are more. 

These ideas can change the way you write your content and writing below 1500 especially in a blog is considered too thin for your audience as well as search engines.

4. Improve your organic click-through rate

To boost up your traffic you can make your click-through rate more advanced instead of struggling to get higher rankings in Google. CTR is an important ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. Let’ suppose your Google rank is in 5th position and your CTR is 8 % and if you double your CTR to 16 %, that means you doubled your organic traffic without improving the ranking.

CTR plays an important role in the Google algorithm, you must improve your CTR and organic traffic and you will also boost your ranking in SERPs. But how to improve your CTR.

Here is how to do that

  • Create a compelling meta description 
  • Try adding the number to your title. 
  • Go for sentimental titles.
  • Remember to put your keyword in the URL
  • Implement different titles and check which one gets the best CTR

5.  Analyze your SEO results and improve

People often get impatient about the results but you need to understand that SEO definitely takes time. You have to take time and be patient if you want to see good results. There are many out there who do all the jobs but forget to analyze the SEO metrics of its websites. It is a continuous loop and you have to keep yourself updated with time and Google algorithm. Audit your own site and improve what is needed.

Tips on local SEO strategy 

 If you have a local business you can take some extra useful measures to gain double traffic.

  • Implement Google My Business Page or Google Local perfectly can rank in the 3 pack.
  • Always remember to go for a local citation audit before implementing other factors as this will tell you what you are missing and if necessary fix your local citations.
  • Another important step is to get local citations and links and keep building these until you reach your destination.

Coming to a conclusion 

I hope having discussed 5 SEO Marketing Strategies to Gain Double Traffic has helped you understand how effective these tips can be if implemented and used perfectly. While there are hundreds of factors that come with SEO, you need to stick to those that your site or your business needs.