In normal searches, we have to enter text to search for anything. However, in visual searches, the query is in the form of images. The technology used to make this possible is not new. Many platforms, like Facebook, have been using AI for recognizing the faces of the people from the pictures uploaded by someone.

For e-commerce sites, many of them are still using searching by text. These sites need to change fast. With the visual searches, people dont have to describe a jacket, rather they can add a picture and get the results. With more visual search eCommerce sites, our job will become easier.  

Steps To Develop A Good Visual Search Engine

This new visual search technology is not going anywhere in the near future. It provides the user with the ease of searching for a product easily. So, let’s see the steps which you can follow to get a good result from your visual search engine. 

Integrate Images In Your Sitemap

It will be best for your website if the visual search engine is able to search your website for the products corresponding to the images. For that, you have to build a huge library comprising of all the photos of your products. This will let the search engine to easily present the result to the users. 

Sizing Matters

The images of your website take up about 21% of the website’s size. However, when it comes to image sizes, the less is always more. 

While using an image, you need to choose the correct file type. The best file type for these kinds of the process is the JPEG format. These file types are easy to adjust and do not take much space. Moreover, JPEG is supported universally. And also you must be sure to use good quality images that will not affect the loading speed of your website.

Name Your Images

Naming your images is very important because the crawlers of the search engines not only scans your website, but also the names of the images. Google considers alt text with a short and descriptive title the best. 

If for some reason, the search engine is unable to recognize the image, the short and descriptive title having the relevant keywords will enable the image to be present in the result of the searches. While saving an image, make sure to give a unique name to it, so that the crawlers get alerted and you can remain organized.

Make Sure To Give Caption

Captions are very vital, as it helps the search engine to recognize the image even if they are not able to understand it from the picture alone. Unlike the name of an image, the captions are related to the point when decide to insert an image within your post. You can also apply the same image in our post multiple times and give a different caption every time. 

Just like in the image name, make sure to use SEO keywords, so that you dont face any errors at the time of scanning your page. 

Alt Tags Are Mandatory

These alt tags is useful in making the website accessible for the users depending on the screen readers. By using this alt tags, you will make the people with visual impairment to appreciate your images.

When a browser is unable to render the images, it uses the alt tags just like the captions and the names of the images. While writing an alt tag, you have to keep your users in mind, rather than strictly following the SEO. If you use too many keywords, your image may be recognized as spam by the search engines. 

The Text Search Also Needs To Be Optimized

All these optimizations of your visual search engine will go to waste if your website is not heard and seen by the search engines. Hence, you must also optimize your text-search. You can optimize both of your search engines to increase the visibility of your website. 

Even though visual searches are in the trend, the traditional text-search is still not outdated. Some may still prefer to use it at times. So, ot will be better to keep both of your search engine optimized.

Social Media

To improve your visibility, you can start posting pictures regularly on social media platforms. However, you have to make sure that you optimize the images before uploading them on social media. Your optimization must depend on the platform you are uploading your pictures on. 

For example- On Instagram, the images are arranged in the grid pattern. Hence, the images you will upload must complement the arrangement visually.   

Integrate Chatbots

The technology of the chatbots is evolving day-by-day. Nowadays, some of the chatbots have the ability to provide visual searches. This leads to smooth interaction with the users and ultimately leads to better customer service.    


With the introduction of visual search engines, the way of navigating a website has changed drastically. Previously, the users needed to describe a complete product to get the result, but now they can get the result by inserting an image in the search engine. This has made the searching process very easy and user-friendly.

By following the tips discussed in the article, you will abe to improve the visual search functionality of your website. This will make your website improve in ranking and traffic as well.