Whenever a user visits your website, the very first thing they come across is your homepage. The design of your homepage can either increase or decrease your conversion rates. 

It takes a great effort for improving your SEO ranking to get more traffic on your website.

However, if you are seeing that you traffic rate is increasing, but there is no increase in your conversion rate, then you may have to examine your homepage.

Some of you may get confused as to where to start the development. 

You don’t have to worry. Just follow the given tips and i’m sure you will see a great boost in your conversion rate.

1. Make it Simple

The websites which have a simple homepage design, tend to get more conversion rates. 

Some websites make the mistake of filling their homepage with as much information as possible. They try to show off their products, awards, services, contact information, affiliation and many other things. 

If you homepage is of this type, then you should immediately make it more simple and clear. It’s good to have more information on your website, but not on our homepage. 

Keeping the design simple will help the users to navigate with ease. Then the visitors can search for what they are looking for. You provide category button on your homepage telling what category of topics are on your website. Rather than overwhelming the users with all the information on your site all at once.

You need to use the right color palette which suits your website. 

2. Make your Website Faster 

One of the factors which affects the conversion of your site is your speed of the website. 

People hate to wait. If they see that your website is taking time to load or its speed is low, they will simply exit your site and will search for another site. This will increase your bounce rate. 

The loading time of your page is directly related with making your homepage more simple. If your page’s design is simple and clean, it will take less time to load, rather than a website having a homepage with complex design.

If you have lots of images, long texts, various colors, complex menus, flashing lights and other unnecessary materials, your site will not be able to load quickly.

You can also check your hosting services. It may seem like a good idea to go for the cheapest option for the shared server hosting service. However, it may result in a slow loading speed of your site and may also end up getting crashed.

If you go for a little expensive option of dedicated server hosting service, you will get more loading speed and also have a low chance of getting crashed.

This will ultimately increase your traffic and your conversion rate.

3. Give Quality Images

If you use relevant images on your website, you will definitely see an increase in your conversion rate. 

A website having no image seems boring and unprofessional. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to fill your web page with pictures. 

As discussed earlier, too many images will affect the loading speed. Besides, it is seen that pages having fewer images get more conversion rates. 

You need to use image at a regular interval. In addition, you need to use images which looks professional and the picture quality needs to be good. 

I am not suggesting that you should not use all of your pictures. But, I am suggesting not to put it all on your homepage. You should use 8-10 photos for one product. Your customers will be able to see the images when they select the product.

If you want to emphasize on top 6 best-selling products of your website, and you have 60 images, you should never use all of the 60 images on your homepage. Rather you should use 1 image per product. Whenever a user clicks on any one of the images, they will be able to see all the other images for that product on the next page.

4. Perform A/B Tests

After you have implemented some changes on your homepage, you found that your conversion rate has increased. However, that does not mean that you have reached the peak of your conversion rate.

You should keep trying to make website better so that it can improve your conversion rate. Therefore, to make your website better you need to perform the A/B test. 

In this test, you have to run alternate versions of your website to find out which of the two versions is performing better. This works like; 50% of the users will see one version of your website, while the other 50% will see the other version. 

Then, the version having the most conversion rate will be the best design for you.

5. Make Your Call To Action Clear

If your CTA is not prominently placed in your homepage, you may not see a lot of increase in your conversion rate. 

When the users visit your website, they are unlikely to spend time searching for your CTA. Therefore, upon not finding your CTA, they will move on from your website.

This is the reason why you should make your homepage design more simple with less distractions. Simple design will allow the users to locate the CTA button more quickly.

Furthermore, you should use no more than 1 CTA button. In addition, your CTA should also be obvious. You can take the help of texts like:

1. Join for free.

2. Sign up today.

3. Click here to learn more.

4. Subscribe now.   

5. Shop now to get 30% discount on your purchase.

All of the above phrases will serve as a great CTA. Provided that, don’t use all of these at the same time. Doing that will confuse the users as to which button they should click. As a result it will end up affecting your conversion rate. 

6. Make your Website Optimized to be used in Mobile Devices

For getting a high conversion rate, it is not enough for your site to run just on computer devices. Due to the increase in the usage of smartphones, it’s important to optimize your site for smartphones. 

As you know, the loading speed plays an important role in affecting your conversion rate. A slow loading website will make the users leave it and move on. 

For ecommerce websites, it is more important as people tend to use their phones to buy products online. 

Hence, you should definitely optimize your website to operate smoothly on mobile devices.


So, if you are facing problem in improving your conversion rate, you need to improve the design of your homepage. 

Hence, by following the methods in the article, you can very easily improve the design of your homepage and will be able to see a huge boost in your conversion rate.