There is huge hype going on social media about this matter. Some people are saying that Google and Apple are fixing secret trackers in their dedicated phones to detect the number of people being affected by COVID-19. 

All the experts associated with mobile repair Dubai have advised to calm down and not to panic. They also suggested that all the software and mobile giants will never incorporate such a plan. They respect their customer’s privacy as well as integrity. So, no one has actually installed any type of tracking devices in your smartphone or iPhone. Then, what is the actual case? Let’s get to know that.

The Actual Groundwork of Google and Apple

If you see something on your phone regarding COVID-19, then that is not a tracker. You are actually witnessing the programming groundwork interface of health security. It is not an application, rather than it is an API framework. The two software giants have done so for the sake of every country’s government. 

This will allow any government’s cybersecurity team to add the real trackers in the public’s mobile phone. Those trackers will only take the input regarding the COVID-19 perspective, nothing else. Moreover, the owner of the phone has the privilege to get the end-user control of the application. Thus, if you want, you can install any type of COVID-19 tracker software in your phone and also can uninstall it later. 

The iOS and Android Exposure Login 

Apple and Google have introduced a new feature keeping in mind the health and safety of the people and it is exposure logging. If you are using an iPhone, then you can get access to this feature. Just visit the ‘Privacy’ section in the ‘Settings’, and ‘Health’ you will get it with ease. You need to turn on the feature before installing any type of COVID-19 health security application, launched by your country’s government. 

In Google Android OS, you also can avail these services by accessing the ‘Services’ option in the settings. The Android version comes in the notification like feature. After installing a certain health security application, it will help you to show the notifications. If you face any issues or cannot understand the matter, the experts associated with mobile repair Dubai will help you. Just book a service and rest assured. 

Sensor Alert !!!

Yes, you heard it right. In this pandemic situation, the entire globe is suffering. That is why, apart from all the health organizations that are helping people, organizations based on technology are also trying their best to help them overcome the present situation. But, the news is still hovering regarding attaching a particular sensor in the newly launched mobile phone and it is the COVID-19 detection sensor. 

When someone is having a bad time or suffering, then the sensor detects the body temperature. After that, the exposure notification is turned on automatically. In this way, you will be able to take care of yourself and maintain a safe distance from the others as well. 

Tracking App: The Fake Rumours

Google and Apple are not in a position to build applications in this situation. The two software giants are in a phase of collaboration. Skilled engineers and experts associated with mobile repair Dubai have stated that both of them are working together on building the API (Application Programming Interface). 

The main reason is to make it easy for all governments to build a health security application. The API will support the application to get it installed on your phone. Without your permission, they will never store any type of hidden apps or trackers in the devices. 

The Exposure Notification Algorithm 

The exposure notification is present in your device. When your country’s government releases a security application regarding the COVID-19, you have to download and install the app first. Then, when you open the app, a random identifier will be generated. The generative connection will be there between you and your phone, and the other mobile devices present nearby. The connection medium will be via Bluetooth. 

The inside algorithm will go like this- When you are close to a person for near about 5 minutes and the distance is from 0 to 2 meters, then the app will engage 300 points in its point vault. It is known as the close distance communication which is vulnerable. In the case of medium ranges, when you are within a distance between 2 to 4 meters, for the same amount of time, 150 points will be deposited on the vault. 

If you are more than 4 meters away from another person, then you are completely safe without gaining any points. So, now the matter of fact is that, if you stay close to someone for a longer period of time, then the algorithm will keep on depositing points in the point vault. When the total number of points reaches 900, you will receive an alert. 

Exposure Notification Update: Safe or Not?

The first and foremost thing you have to remember is that the coronavirus security applications are launched by the cyber department of the government. That is why after installing the application, there is a high possibility that you will get update notifications of the exposure. 

In order to take care of the situation, Google and Apple will obviously try to add more features to the API. If you face any problems in updating the exposure application, take help from mobile repair Dubai. The update alert, downloading, and installing the update is completely safe. In addition to that, it will also trigger the API’s performance. 

Important Facts…

There are also some other important facts that you must take into consideration. Apart from the organizations that are always trying to help people, you must be aware of all circumstances. Listen to what health experts say. Follow them accordingly, by keeping a safe distance, washing hands, applying sanitizers frequently. Stay healthy, stay safe.