Marketing is a business service and the marketing approach is used in similar contexts for testing ideas of products and services in the market. Both design and marketing are complementary to each other. But understanding the difference between the two will enable you to solve marketing problems in a robust manner.

Everywhere you go, you will find people talking about design. It is considered as the core ingredient for the success of everything starting from ad campaigns to products and services of the entire company. By the end of this post, you will know how to design a successful website or web app.

Design and Marketing, Both are Stronger

The two main areas of focus between design and marketing are:

  1. Individual Design vs Group Marketing
  2. Future-focused problem-solving design vs Backward-looking validating marketing solution 

If you consider these problems seriously, it can allow you to generate creative and unique solutions. The following tips will enable you to navigate effectively:

  • Recognize the different markets, personas, markets at every stage.
  • Be specific and clear the job to be assigned for each and every user at every stage.
  • Find out the frictions for every market, user, persona and determine the incentives that would fix their frictions. 
  • Try to find out the environments where you can easily test the marketing prototypes and ideas with an expert group before recommending them to your clients.
  • Adapt data and analysis which would enable you to improve and add color for case studies to succeed.  
  • Do not get demotivated if people don’t accept the idea immediately. You can use your successful data and case studies to ensure them courage and reassurance. 

Importance of Design Marketing

For designing a web, there are a few core actions which you need to take. You can sign up, purchase, download, share or subscribe to your website with your friends. Each and every action can be maximized through design, meeting the user requirements. Here is how:

  • Get an Increased Number of Clicks

If you want to convert your visitors to customers, you will have to enable clicks in the right area. With a more number of clicks in the perfect and right spot will increase potential customers. Follow the following techniques:

  1. Lead with your benefits
  2. A clear call to action
  3. Visual hierarchy
  4. Remember AIDA
  • Get more Sign-ups

If you are installing a new web service or application, it is certain that you are having a tight marketing budget. Thus, your friend referral program is considered as critical. It is necessary for companies to create viral loops for leveraging new user referrals from their already existed customer base. Some of the techniques for the viral loop are:

  1. Optimize page landing
  2. Use Facebook connect
  3. Reward Existing users
  • Obtain more Follows and Likes

Social proof is a vital part of building a customer relation. Likes and Follows not only build customer confidence but also extends your reach to word-of-mouth and to the social web. Like any other thing, you can modify your usage of social badge. Some best practices you need to consider while posting on social sites:

  1. Addition of popular sharing buttons to your site
  2. Pick up buttons that work well for your site
  3. Design the share
  4. Integrate shares where users likely leverage 
  5. Communicate the benefits
  6. Addition of social platforms to your contact page
  • Acquire more Sales 

 Creating a design for sales implies two things such as reduced friction and clarity. Implement design in such a manner that it is easy for the people in understanding what you are selling and the advantages of selling them. Some of the tips to acquire more sales than design are:

  1. Allow the consumers to experience the product
  2. Lead not with the features but with the advantages
  3. Simple and prominent search
  4. Minimize clicks
  • Getting more Leads 

Converting a web visitor to a new member is one of the important conversions. Conversion Rate Optimization entirely focusses on enhancing signing-up conversions with the help of landing web page design. Some of the important tips include: 

  1. Usage of clear hierarchy
  2. Try to be concise
  3. Limit the requirement of required data and information 
  4. Provide discounts for a limited period
  5. Opt for compelling imagery

Design Converts Conversion

Now the most probable condition arises in your mind regarding, how would you create engagement with the customer? How would to transform the said engagement into your desired result? What measures to acquire in order to convert a call to action into a sale? What steps to adopt for creating brand loyalty with an advertisement?

The only solution to all these questions is a perfect design and marketing of the same in the best possible way to reach out to the maximum number of customers. All factors such as shapes, colors, feel of your enterprise should reach to the eye of the customers through the help of your design.

Ending Note

Conscientious user experience and design can help you to create undoubtedly exceptional returns for your company. Try to be creative, test your ideas and designs, find out which one delivers better performance. After that keep a track on a constant basis to improve your site, service, and products. 

Great user experience is the core area that your user sees. The design just gives an add on to the product. Being design-oriented, you will be able to acquire a greater success level in both sales and customer satisfaction. Creating a drive would help you to lead towards better results for you as well as for your customers.