A struggling business can use a good current marketing strategy to increase their cash in the bank. One of the strategies to increase your sales is by making video content about your products.

The ways you can improve your sales by using video marketing tactics are:

1. Make a YouTube Channel

If you are not using any videos to advertise and letting others know about your product, your first step can be by starting an YouTube channel.

A video on YouTube is easier to share on other platforms.

When you are attaching your video on your website or sending a link, YouTube makes it easy to play it.

If you upload your video on YouTube, you can save a lot of time, because you don’t have to make the same video over and over again. Your video will play through youTube and every one can see the same video.

2. Upload Videos on Social Media

Even though you may not be using videos to increase your sales, but you may have an active social media account. 

You can use your account to make other people aware of your product. By posting daily on your social media, you can keep people up to date about your product. Moreover, if you use videos to promote your product on social media, it will be even better.

If you are uploading videos on your YouTube channel, then social media is a great platform for you to share your video. However, many social media has their own software to make and share videos. Hence, it is not mandatory to share videos from YouTubes only.

You can share your YouTube videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Studies showed that there was a rise of video posts by 6% by the business companies from 2016-2017.

This number will definitely rise in the following years.

3. Try to Upload as Much Videos as Possible

If you have to explain a complex process about your product or your company, you should use videos rather than texts. This is because reading big texts can be a bit confusing for the people. Therefore, if you explain the same thing using a video, it will be easy and interesting for the people to understand.

In addition, people tend to get attracted to a video more than a long text explaining the process. You can put your YouTube link on the page, and when a user clicks it, the video will play from YouTube.

4. Use Facebook Live

Going live on Facebook is an effective method of promotion. It helps you to directly engage with all of your Facebook followers. 

However, you cannot go live without any reason. You must set a scheduled time at which you will come live once a week. This will help you to generate a good number of consistent audience.

This interaction with your audience will help you to build a strong bond and trust between you and your audience. In addition, you can show your care for them by acknowledging them by calling out their name when they enter your live stream. You can also thank them for watching your live stream. 

It is preferable to be live for at least two hours. This is because, the more time you will be live, the more chance you will have to get more people. However, for doing a long live session, you need to be prepared. You need to have some relevant topics like, information about your upcoming products, and upcoming services you are planning to provide.

5. Utilize Instagram Stories

You can post videos in your Instragam stories. As you know, the Instagram stories resets after 24 hours. 

You can post every day so that your brand remains fresh in your follower’s mind.

These stories will appear on the top of the homepage of all your followers. For them to view your story, they have to click on your photo, and the video will start playing.

For those who do not follow you, popular stories appear on the search page.

This is a great way of increasing your brand’s popularity.

Instagram also has the feature of live video which is included in their stories.

The live video of instagram is not not be approached like that of Facebook.

On Instagram, you have do the live streaming when you are someplace interesting. The places can be like your production facility or you can introduce your employees.

This will allow your followers to experience what normally they would not have seen. Moreover, this is a very easy process.

However, just like in Facebook live video, you need to interact respond to the live comments.

6. Motivate your Customers to Make Videos 

You don’t have to produce all of your videos. You can also get your customers to make some videos for you.

The things you will achieve by involving your customers are:

1. The videos will be free and it will not require you time.

2. It will help to increase your customer experience.

3. Your brand will get more exposure if any of your customer shares their videos.

You can give your customer recognition for making the video. This will encourage more customers to make videos for you. 

You can host a contest which will make your customers to be creative and make much better videos. 

7. Send your Videos to your Subscribers through Emails

As I have said earlier that you can share your YouTube videos on multiple platforms. Therefore, this made the sharing of your videos through Emails much easier. Hence, you should not miss this opportunity to share your videos with more of your customers.
Many people may not be active on social media, but almost everyone has an email address. Therefore, you can send your email to all the people in your subscription list, and you can be quite sure that they will watch it.

This will help you to make your video available to a larger number of your customers. 

It is seen by statistics that an email having a video can:

1. Improve your CTR

2. Increase your leads

3. Maximize subscribers

4. Increase your conversion rate

Therefore, this is a very good strategy as it does not require you to make individual videos for each of the emails.

8. Make all of your Videos Mobile Friendly

Making your videos mobile friendly is a very important thing. This is because now a days each and every one of us has a mobile phone. Moreover, people tend to watch videos on their smartphones rather than opening their laptops or desktops.
Using platforms like Facebook and YouTube for sharing your videos helps them get optimized automatically to the mobile devices. For the videos on your websites, you have to ensure that they are in the mobile friendly templates. 


So, these are the 8 current marketing strategies for increasing your sales through video content. By using these video marketing tactics you will surely see a huge boost in your sales numbers. Videos are a great way of making your customer to gain interest in your brand.
Therefore use these methods and your business will definitely grow.