The layout of the website depends on the type of business. There are various kinds of websites, but each of them needs a hosting service for creating an online presence. Selecting the most appropriate WordPress hosting service is very important for your website. It will be even better if they are cheap WordPress hosting services.

With the most economical option for the WordPress hosting services, you will be able to enjoy the best hosting services at a minimum cost.  

The Most Economical WordPress Hosting Service Providers

Given below are the names of the most cheapest and economical WordPress hosting services. You can opt for the hosting service which is best suited to your requirements.


It offers the fastest servers in the industry; NGINX, PHP7.1, HTTP/2, and also a custom-built WordPress caching plugins, which is pre-installed. With all these, Hostinger is built to give high speed. 

It also has many good features for those who are new in the industry. After installing it and setting it up, you are cable of starting right away. You can also get immediate online exposure with only a few clicks, and for that, you dont need to have extensive technical knowledge. 

Features Of Hostinger

  1. Loading Time- 385ms.
  2. Uptime- 99.93%.
  3. Free SSL and Domain Hosting. 
  4. The SSD disk space is unlimited, and so is the bandwidth.
  5. The interface is customizable and user-friendly.
  6. Superfast page loading.
  7. Around the clock customer support. 


For a single shared hosting, the price is $0.80/mo. The premium shared hosting is $2.15/mo. And, business shared hosting is $3.45/mo.


This used by almost 2million websites around the world. WordPress itself recommend it. The plan for the hosting starts at $3.95/mo. This hosts a single website and one free domain for a year. This is the cheapest plan for the Bluehost. If you want more storage space and more bandwidth, you can opt for the plus plan. The plus plan starts at $5.95/mo.

Features Of Bluehost

  1. Loading time- 424ms.
  2. Uptime- 99.99%.
  3. The 1-click installation makes the installation process easy.
  4. In-built NGINX caching.
  5. Free Cloudflare CDN and SSL certification. 


The basic plan starts at $2.96/mo. And plus plan starts at $5.95/mo. The Choice Plus plan also starts at 5.95/mo.


This hosting service also has specialization in domains as it is one of the best WordPress hosting services. If you are currently having a domain somewhere else, you can transfer it easily to the DreamHost. DreamHost provides WHOIS Privacy, which is one of the best and is completely free. 

The modern and advanced control panel of DreamHost makes the managing of the website very easy. It has a very user-friendly interface, which makes the creating of an email account and adding users very simple and fast. If you are not satisfied with the DreamHost, you can cancel it within 97 days, and you will get your whole money back.

Features Of DreamHost

  1. Loading Time- 709ms.
  2. Uptime- 100%.
  3. Unlimited traffic.
  4. Free privacy and domain.
  5. Around the clock support. 
  6. The SSD storage is free.


The Shared Starter plan begins from $2.59/mo. And the Shared Unlimited pack starts at $7.95/mo. 


In the case of providing a TLD, and domain name business, Namecheap is the most popular. It also offers a very economic WordPress hosting option too. The websites using it is provided with “true cloud technology”. It provides a set-and-forget experience and is completely optimized to be used for WordPress. 

With Namecheap, you are enabled to build and manage the WordPress website with the help of a single dashboard and one login. You can also create a backup for your data with just one click.

Features Of Namecheap

  1. Loading Time- 942ms.
  2. Uptime- 99.88%.
  3. It also has the option for the US or UK option.
  4. SSL support.


The EasyWP Starter plan starts at $3.88/mo. EasyWP Turbo plan starts from $7.88/mo. And the EasyWP Supersonic plan starts at $11.88/mo.


It is a very user-friendly web hosting service. GreenGeeks uses all the to class speed technology to make the webpages to load faster. It is good for beginners as well as the more experienced website owners, who will use many other features that a beginner will no be able to use. 

GreenGeeks is built with infrastructures that are reliable for security and speed. One of its unique features is that all the plans have E-commerce features.

Features Of  GreenGeeks

  1. Loading Time- 530ms.
  2. Uptime- 99.92%.
  3. Installs WordPress with just one click.
  4. Cloudflare CDN comes free. 
  5. The Transfer Assistance comes free with it.


The Ecosite Starter plan starts from $2.95/mo. Ecosite Pro plan starts from $6.95/mo. And the Ecosite Premium starts from $16.95/mo.


It offers very good speed and is the perfect hosting service to start your business with. You will be able to find simple to advanced hosting services in it. These services will vary depending on their functionalities. 

In GoDaddy, you will get a controlled hosting service, that gives free backups daily and also provides free domain in the annual plans. It also comes includes the “Automatic WordPress core software” and the security updates.

Features Of GoDaddy

  1. Loading Time- 455ms.
  2. Uptime- 99.96%.
  3. The Guarantee of money back.
  4. SSL certification free for 1 year.
  5. One-click tool for migration


The Basic plan starts with $4.99/mo. Delux plan starts from $7.99/mo. The Ultimate plan starts from $9.99/mo. And the Pro 5+ plan starts from $24.99/mo.


To make your website run smoothly, a good hosting service is mandatory. The above discussed hosting services are the most cheap WordPress hosting services that you can opt for. They are the most economical and provide a wide variety of features. You will get good speed and security from all the mentioned hosting services.

So, it is up to you to choose the hosting service best suited to your needs. Whichever you go for, you will not regret using it.