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Has Someone Secretly Installed a COVID-19 Tracker on Your Smartphone?


There is huge hype going on social media about this matter. Some people are saying that Google and Apple are fixing secret trackers in their dedicated phones to detect the number of people being affected by COVID-19.  All…

Avoid or Fix the ‘Cursed’ Android Wallpaper Crashing Smartphones


A wallpaper which is ‘cursed’? Seriously? It might be a new thing for you. Now, you must be thinking how simply setting a wallpaper can harm the phone? Actually, there is a particular photo, scattered all over the…

Garmin’s Temporary Downfall Owing to a Suspected Ransomware Attack


Garmin, a Smartware and gadgets maker has temporarily shut down some of its services. It is due to a ransomware attack that took place a couple of days ago. Experts analysis says that the attack has forced its…