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UPDATE: LightBike (iPhone/iPod Touch)


One of my favorite time wasters on my iPhone is LightBike, the Tron inspired arcade game.  Recently, a few updates were added that give it a more polished look and a much-needed option. The graphics are the same, but…

Here stands the archive for Bits, Bytes, Pixels and Sprites. 2006-2009


In 2006 a few people decided to start a video game blog. Over time, people joined and left, some went on to legit blogging careers! The site you’re on now died in 2009, but we’ve decided to resurrect…

Send Your Emails! Have Your Questions and Comments Read On A Future BitCast!


Listen, I wanna hear from you all. I NEED to hear from you all. You, the audience, the readers, the beautiful gaming fans that keep us doing what we do have a voice. You have opinions. You have…