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What’cha Been Playing? What’cha Gonna Play?


Seriously, we’re not getting paid for this. I guess the second question is after today than the first. If you’ve been following our 30 Days Of Killzone you already know that Killzone 2 drops today. As usual, when I try…

Eat your pac-milk and pac-cookies with this pac-woot shirt


shirt.woot! never fails me… I’d go broke if I bought all the shirts I like of theirs, and they’re only 10 bucks with free shipping! This shirt here features a familiar theme rolled up in video game goodness. Remember Woot!…

Review: R-Type Dimensions (XBLA)


There are hard games… and then there’s R-Type.  Notoriously difficult, the game is one of the classics of the old school shooters.  Building on that success, R-Type 2 did things harder, creepier, and prettier.  The two games were released as a compilation…