A wallpaper which is ‘cursed’? Seriously? It might be a new thing for you. Now, you must be thinking how simply setting a wallpaper can harm the phone? Actually, there is a particular photo, scattered all over the internet, that has the ability to corrupt your mobile systems as soon as you set it as a wallpaper or lock screen. 

According to the professionals associated with mobile repair Dubai, you will not be able to witness any type of symptoms after setting the wallpaper. There are also various possibilities of risk like- unexpected data loss, malfunctioning in the settings, and more.

What is the Actual Case?

The actual matter is that there is an android bug, creating panic amongst all the android users. A picture depicting nature, during the time of sunset in a hilly area, is responsible for corrupting several android phones and tablets as well. The fault is not in the picture. Near about, all the pictures on the internet are now in .jpeg format. 

All of these format pictures are stuffed with vital information about the storing of images. That is why this information is known as metadata. Metadata means ‘data about data’. Moreover, there is also additional information about copyright items and claims. But in this case, the metadata is corrupted and that is why the problem is taking place. 

Who Discovered the Root Cause?

A group of Chinese people are solely known for digging deep and discovering this matter and reporting on Twitter. In addition to that, there are also several research reports that say that Google’s own Android phones, Pixels are also affected by this wallpaper. A very little amount of complaints came from the desk of Nokia, Xiaomi, and others. The issues mainly affected the phones that are running and powered by the latest Android 10.

Improper coding? What was that?

Yes, each and every picture that is present on the internet, or you take, has a built-in graphical code. When you upload it to any social media platform or somewhere else, first it is processed by Google, then your picture gets visibility. If the coding is improper, then many problems can take place, even the picture can get corrupted after a certain time. 

Thus, the improper coding of Google’s colour is causing the crash of various mobile and tablet user interfaces. If you are new to this problem, don’t panic. Just relax and take your device to the nearest mobile repair Dubai service centre. All skilled engineers have the ability to fix problems regarding mobile devices. 

Effect on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Several reports have stated that Galaxy smartphones users are suffering the most. In case of other brands, if you want to set a picture, as the wallpaper, in your home screen, as well as in the lock screen, then you can easily download it from the web. But, Galaxy smartphones have their own dedicated media centre known as Galaxy Store. Here all types of wallpapers and themes are available. The so-called ‘cursed’ wallpaper might have been a part of the store and as a result, the Galaxy Store also turned out to be the reason behind this corruption.  

Let’s hear it from the Developer…

There are many small, medium and large scale organizations, who are specialized in android development. So, the experts have asked these developers to throw some light on this matter. Some are explaining that this is a prank which is done just for fun. But, no, a prank cannot be responsible for your mobile’s system UI crash. 

A famous android lead developer has stated exactly what is the real cause at the backend. He stated that the system UI of each and every mobile device has the capability of handling sRGB (Red, Green, and Blue) pictures. 

The UI is programmed in such a way that it doesn’t check whether the image is really based on pure sRGB or not. As a result, the crash has occurred in the image processing technology of mobile devices due to the overflow of certain assigned variables. 

The Image Processing Mechanism: Explained

The ‘y’ variable is generally assigned and it contains the addition of the total number of scanned pixels. In the ascending order, the scanning of the pixels starts and keeps on rolling from every row to column. Maximum 255 sRGB values are processed in a single picture. After that, the variable steps in to access the histogram array present. 

Thereafter, processing the histogram, if the value exceeds more than 255, then there is something wrong in the image. Therefore, generating the out-of-bounds exception and the process rollover enters into the infinite loop. 

The Fix is Coming Soon!

Android 10 has already suffered this incident, Google is now very much aware of Android 11. Several experts have also stated that it will be a better idea of limiting the histogram in various mobile image processing technology to 255. If the value exceeds, the system will automatically delete the picture. This will reduce the risk of system UI crash. 

In case, you have ignored all the warnings and alert messages, you will definitely face the issue. Samsung and Google are about to bring the fix in their next customized and stock android updates. All the files for the fix will be present in the security patches and you will get it soon enough. But, now in the meantime, you might wonder what to do with the affected device. 

The solution is very much easy. Take the help of mobile repair Dubai experts. Call them and book an appointment. They will enter from the boot looping interface to the safe mode. After that, it will be much easier for them to delete the picture and your phone will be back in perfect working condition, once again. 

Summing Up…

It will be a wise idea not to download any type of wallpaper on your phone. Every device has its default photos and themes, and you can use them. If necessary, always try to keep those pictures as wallpaper on the home screen or lock screen that you have captured. Therefore, you will not face any complicated issues.