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Madden 09 …on Xbox?!?


For those of us that like to keep track of a console’s lifecycle ER style, you were able to call the original Xbox’s on August 12th, 2008. It was the day Madden 08 was released — the last…

Review: Geometry Wars 2 (XBLA)


The original Geometry Wars was the Halo of Live Arcade. A must own title that was accessible to everyone, offered at a reasonable price, and addictive as shit. Some people would argue it’s what proved Live Arcade as a viable platform. Whatever…

conversation Castle Crashers priced, can eat shit and die


We’ve been looking forward to Castle Crashers for a long time. Like – a long time. And now that it’s finally been priced? It can go fuck up a tree. 1800 points. The most expensive Live Arcade game ever. ‘Nuff said. [via Xbox 360…