Author - David Williams

Avoid or Fix the ‘Cursed’ Android Wallpaper Crashing Smartphones


A wallpaper which is ‘cursed’? Seriously? It might be a new thing for you. Now, you must be thinking how simply setting a wallpaper can harm the phone? Actually, there is a particular photo, scattered all over the…

Garmin’s Temporary Downfall Owing to a Suspected Ransomware Attack


Garmin, a Smartware and gadgets maker has temporarily shut down some of its services. It is due to a ransomware attack that took place a couple of days ago. Experts analysis says that the attack has forced its…

Sub-$200 Phones to Get 90Hz Displays, in India


A few days ago, Realme launched its latest smartphone. This phone comes with a display that has a refresh rate of 90Hz. Apart from Realme, there are also several smartphones that have this kind of display. The pricing…