Author - David Williams

Review: R-Type Dimensions (XBLA)


There are hard games… and then there’s R-Type.  Notoriously difficult, the game is one of the classics of the old school shooters.  Building on that success, R-Type 2 did things harder, creepier, and prettier.  The two games were released as a compilation…

UPDATE: LightBike (iPhone/iPod Touch)


One of my favorite time wasters on my iPhone is LightBike, the Tron inspired arcade game.  Recently, a few updates were added that give it a more polished look and a much-needed option. The graphics are the same, but…

Here stands the archive for Bits, Bytes, Pixels and Sprites. 2006-2009


In 2006 a few people decided to start a video game blog. Over time, people joined and left, some went on to legit blogging careers! The site you’re on now died in 2009, but we’ve decided to resurrect…