Author - David Williams

30 Days of Killzone: 92


It’s a magic number. It’s two more than 90. It’s classified as “universal acclaim.” And it’s the average score Killzone 2 has received on Metacritic as of this moment. That’s an average based on 57 different reviews, the…

Review: Street Fighter IV


Jim says: Growing up in the early 90’s, a lot of things that have been long forgotten are still near and dear to my heart. Hammer pants, people shaving things into the back of their heads, the Reebok Pump…

30 Days of Killzone: Sequels so soon?


Not that anyone should really be all that surprised, but IGN is reporting that a user on GameTrailers claims a Dutch magazine is reporting Guerilla Games is currently hard at work on Killzone 3 and Killzone Liberation 2. Possible? Absolutely.…