Some readers are going to know right away that they want to sign up for your email list. They might sign up immediately from your home page, or from a sidebar on one of your blog posts.

But what happens when they don’t jump in right away? Is there a way to give them a “second chance” — another opportunity to join you?

You bet there is.

You can harness one of the most effective tools for any persuasive content … the landing page. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Create a page

The first step is to actually create the page. You’ll want to use the Generate Landing Page template, so the page has no distracting sidebars or other elements that will confuse your reader.

Here’s an example of what a simple landing page looks like. You’ll probably want to add images. Just don’t add any links except the form to sign up for your email list. Minimize distractions!

Step 2: Give ’em a reason to sign up

Of course, your email list has awesome content that benefits your readers, right?

So let your potential subscriber know what she’s going to get out of subscribing. Paint a picture of the awesome benefits she’ll receive by becoming a regular reader. Why should she sign up today? Be specific.

The more compelling the benefits are on your landing page, the more subscribers you’ll get.

Step 3: Ask for the opt-in

Specifically ask the reader to enter his email address and click the button to sign up. Let your new subscriber know specifically how to confirm the opt in with your email provider, and what he can expect after the subscription is confirmed.