It was just yesterday I bounced an email off to Gallery 1988, the art house in LA that has housed the “I am 8-bit” art show the past 3 years. I started getting nervous that nothing has been announced as of yet about the 2008 edition of the show. I was more than a little dismayed when I heard back from them that they weren’t going to be doing a show this year.

Fast forward barely a few hours, and I read on Siliconera that the show IS coming back in August at an unspecified venue. Now, I’m easily an art show idiot, and have no idea how these things work… so maybe someone can chime in and make it all clear. I was under the impression that the gallery itself held the event, and as such if they weren’t doing it then it wasn’t happening. Is it the kind of thing where Jon Gibson (the show’s creator) can shop it around to other galleries?

I can’t imagine not wanting to host it, the pictures of the event of the last few years show crazy lines and the kind of people that NEVER go to art shows (like me).