Wandering through Target, and checking out the toy aisle I stumbled across this bad boy and knew I had to get a shot. No this isn’t a joke, it’s an actual board game based on the Nintendo DS (and now Wii) game Big Brain Academy.

And as a bonus Amazon is selling it for 15 bucks! You’re saving 5 bucks by going analog baby! Who needs the touch screen when you have a sand timer?

From the game’s website:

Which team has the biggest brain? The new mental fitness game based on the original best-selling Nintendoâ„¢ DS title. Speed and accuracy count – not smarts – when answering questions at the Big Brain Academy. Challenge your brain in five fun categories: Analyze, Compute, Identify, Memorize and Think. Teams collect chips based on the number of questions they answer correctly. Big Brain Academy keeps minds nimble and players laughing! Your team’s goal is to collect the most chips. Game includes 330 cards, dry erase pen, puzzle pieces, red revealer, sand timer, scale, scoring chips and spinner. 2 to 6 Players. Ages 8 and up.