Here stands the archive for Bits, Bytes, Pixels and Sprites. 2006-2009

by the hammer of Dan Zuccarelli!


In 2006 a few people decided to start a videogame blog.

Over time, people joined and left, some went on to legit blogging careers!

The site you’re on now died in 2009, but we’ve decided to resurrect it to stand not only as a snapshot of what we were talking about for those active years, but to preserve the writing of the people that put their time and energy into making the site a worthwhile place.

UPDATE: LightBike (iPhone/iPod Touch)

by the hammer of Daniel Lloyd!

Not quite Tron 2.0.

One of my favorite time wasters on my iPhone is LightBike, the Tron inspired arcade game.  Recently, a few updates were added that give it a more polished look and a much needed option.

The graphics are the same, but with one tiny twist.  Every turn, the camera sort of zooms out and angles, then back in.  It definitely gives the impression of speed and urgency that a game where you try to box opponents in needs to have.  There’s also an added pause button.  This is simple, but was overlooked, and makes a big deal when you need to look away for a second for whatever has just distracted you.  The icon also got updated, I think, for the worse.  Not that it’s bad now, I just get used to looking for a specific image, and now I’m thrown off again.

The FREE version (that I play) is first to 3 wins against 3 computer opponents.  The  full version has risen to $2.99 and features local multiplayer via splitscreen, and 2-4 players via the same wifi network.  It also has difficulty settings, the ability to choose your color, and BGM/SFX volume controls.  If you really need the mulitplayer, it’s not a bad deal for three bucks.

Review: R-Type Dimensions (XBLA)

by the hammer of Marc Deangelis!

There are hard games… and then there’s R-Type.  Notoriously difficult, the game is one of the classics of the old school shooters.  Building on that success, R-Type 2 did things harder, creepier, and prettier.  The two games were released as a compilation for the PS1 as R-Types, and now, they are available for Xbox Live Arcade as the single download R-Type Dimensions.


If you’ve never played an R-Type before, the games are horizontal shooters, where “on the edge of a dark empire, you embark on a mission no one has yet to survive.”  …or so says the 22-year-old promo poster.  You’ll pilot your ship through an alien-infested colony, shooting everything you can.  The enemies and environments in R-Type are very creepy, especially for its time.  Expect to see all sorts of intestines, tissue, and phalluses (see 2:22 in the below clip).  Along with rapid fire and a charge shot, you’ll be using a satellite ship to destroy the fleshy fiends.

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Eat your pac-milk and pac-cookies with this pac-woot shirt

by the hammer of Dan Zuccarelli!

shirt.woot! never fails me… I’d go broke if I bought all the shirts I like of theirs, and they’re only 10 bucks with free shipping!

This shirt here features a familiar theme rolled up in videogame goodness. Remember Woot! shirts are typically only on sale for 1 day (or until they sell out) so if you want it… Monday the 2nd is the day to do it! Click here to buy!

Little Big Contra

by the hammer of Kevin Alexander!

A little awesome to round out your weekend:

Send Your Emails! Have Your Questions and Comments Read On A Future BitCast!

by the hammer of Kevin Alexander!


Listen, I wanna hear from you all. I NEED to hear from you all. You, the audience, the readers, the beautiful gaming fans that keep us doing what we do have a voice. You have opinions. You have questions. You are wonderful people with curious minds.

Share them with us!

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to hear us talk about on the BitCast or a comment you’d like to send us whip up an email and send it off to thebbps (at) gmail (dot) com! If you do I can guarantee that a real, live person will see it (like Dan, Jimmy or myself) and we WILL read it.

Ask us anything gaming related. If you don’t have any questions but you’ve always wanted to let us know what you do or don’t like about the show now’s the time to tell us! We’ll take your emails and read them on the show for everyone to hear.

Hopefully this will be an on-going feature that will enhance the show but it will only work if you take a minute or two to shoot us an email. No gaming topic if too taboo or unwanted, we’ll talk about damn near anything. You can send your emails any time but keep in mind that we usually record the show on Sunday or Monday night to post on Tuesday.

Make us proud, BBPS Community!

What’cha Been Playing? What’cha Gonna Play?

by the hammer of Kevin Alexander!

Seriously, we're not actually getting paid for this.

Seriously, we're not getting paid for this.

I guess the second question is more apt today then the first. If you’ve been following our 30 Days Of Killzone you already know that Killzone 2 drops today. As usual when I try to avoid the hype of a big release by time it comes out I can’t resist the desire to not be left out so I’ll be running out in a few minutes to go fetch me a copy of one of the biggest PS3 releases to date. My PSN Network username is HarpuaScorpio, like my Xbox Live tag without the space in the middle. Care to share yours in the comments?

When it comes to what I’ve been playing this week I’ve been back in to Burnout Paradise and enjoying the new updates. It’s really amazing how well Criterion has been supporting this game and if you haven’t played in a while you’re really missing out on a lot of new stuff. Of course there’s the Legendary Car pack as well…

I’ve also started going through the single player campaign of Relic’s 2004 RTS Warhammer 40K: Dawn Of War. The sequel was recently released and since I purchased the first one and all of its expansions during that awesome Steam sale over the New Year I figured it would be a good idea to play through some of those instead of plunking down another $50. It sounds like the sequel is a bit different and more to my tastes but after two of the eleven single player missions I’m really enjoying it. I probably won’t bother with multiplayer since everyone’s most likely moved on to the new one but I might drop in and see how long I can survive. Between this series and Company of Heroes Relic really seems to have their shit together with this whole RTS thing.

So that’s about it for me, What’cha Been Playing?

Video Review: Killzone (PS2)

by the hammer of Jim Squires!

The jets seem to have cooled on our 30 Days of Killzone posts (looks like it turned out to be more like 27 — sue me for taking a few days off), but that hasn’t stopped our own Kevin Alexander from putting together theBBPS’s first real video review!

Take a peek at what he’s put together, and if you like it, let us know! It’s definitely a path we’d be interested in exploring more of should you all enjoy.

BitCast: Episode 67 – Sony Sony Boy

by the hammer of Kevin Alexander!

BitCast: Episode 67

Hey, what do ya know! It’s another BitCast with Dan, Ryan and me!

Guess what else? Dan and Ryan disagree on a couple of things! IMAGINE THAT!

This week we take a pretty long look into what we’ve been playing and then have a bit of a talk about Sony and the lacking sales of the PS3.

Download Episode 67

Review: Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection

by the hammer of Jim Squires!

SUGC_XB360_CvrSht_R11.inddGrowing up in the early 90’s, it’s hard not to look back on the glory days of Sega with rose-colored glasses. That’s why the announcement of a compilation like Sonic’s UItimate Genesis Collection can tend to make one a little… leary. You’re bound to get excited — but is your nostalgia based more in good memories or good gameplay? Going back to older titles you once loved is often a heart-breaking experience, as you realize that they were good “for the time,” but are virtually unplayable today.

I’ll be honest. I was half expecting to loathe the games I once loved and find nothing new under the sun worth playing that was on the UGC. I’m delighted to say I couldn’t have been more wrong.

And don’t let the name fool you. This game offers a whole lot more than Sonic…

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