It’s a magic number. It’s two more than 90. It’s classified as “universal acclaim.” And it’s the average score Killzone 2 has received on Metacritic as of this moment. That’s an average based on 57 different reviews, the lowest of which is 70 (and the highest of which is — you guessed it — numerous 100’s). I’ve tried really hard to not read any of the reviews so far, looking forward to a fresh playthrough and my first opinions to be my own. But even having avoided the reviews, that number is pretty startling. Based on my time with the beta and the demo, I knew KZ2 was something special. I just didn’t know if my own personal amazement would translate into a shared experience with the masses. Turns out it did. You can see for yourself in 5 more days.

Mind you, a lot of people will argue that reviews don’t mean anything. In a lot of ways, that’s true. Regardless, I think they can give a pretty good sampling of experiences.

If unlike me you want the party spoiled for you, you can check out all of the reviews on MetaCritic here.

Killzone 2 releases on February 27th, and frankly, we’re a tad excited. Every day until it’s release we’re going to be showing off that excitement in our new feature, 30 Days of Killzone.